We continue with the anniversary surprises… We’re happy to announce the launch of the CROAT Forum.


All news will be announced there, besides the usual known channels. We’ll all be able to stay in contact in a more direct and organized way. You can share your opinions and ideas, give feedback and discuss with the other users about anything you’d like. Tech support will be a bit easier to handle and newbies won’t be (hopefully) so overwhelmed by so much “geek talk”.

Little by little, we’ll start populating the forum with the most important topics, but, as always, we need the community’s help to make it grow and to keep it updated and useful.

As in any other forum, common courtesy rules apply and there will be moderators taking care of things running smoothly. As a general common sense rule, don’t write anything that you wouldn’t dare say to someone else’s face ;). And keep helping each other, as you’ve done until now on Telegram or in other places.

And now, let’s talk about giveaways… As always, the brave who dare to break the ice will be properly rewarded. Just create a user, write your first post (anything you’d like) or start a new topic for discussion, and remember to end your message with your wallet address. Some Croats will be on your way very soon! This promotion is valid for the first 25 registered users.

Happy chatting! And Happy Birthday Croat! 🙂