We have published on our main page the active mining pools for Croat. We will keep updating this list.


Together with the latest CROATCore version, starting from now, it will be extremely easy to mine in official (and non-official) pools, with just a few steps:

  • You can choose either CPU power or GPU for mining.
  • In order to use your GPU for mining you have to make sure you have an NVIDIA video card with the latest CUDA drivers installed.
    This mining option is more efficient than CPU.
  • Find a pool that supports Croat mining (check our main page for several options).
  • On each pool webpage (usually on the getting started tab) you should be able to find the following parameters and enter them in the CROATCore pool mining fields:
    • pool IP (something like
    • pool password: if no password is specified, enter “x”. If this doesn’t work, contact the pool owners
    • port (something like 3333 or 5555 or 7777). Make sure you select the most adequate port according to your system hardware (for example: 3333 is for low-end hardware, 5555 is for mid-range hardware and 7777 for high performance hardware). These options should be specified on the pool’s webpage.


… and you’re done!

Happy mining!