The “Asociación Catalana para la Integración A.C.” (Catalan Association for Integration A.C.) was born as an initiative of members of the “National Catalan Assembly” (ANC) in Mexico, given the need to support the integration of the Catalans living in Mexico, but also to foster exchanges between people from the Catalan Countries and those from Mexico in areas such as cultural, social, and exchanges based on the fair economy. Our mission is to publicize and disseminate the language, culture, history and values of the Catalan Countries.
Encourage cultural exchanges between the peoples and cultures of the Catalan Countries with the peoples and cultures of Mexico, Central America and the rest of the world. Inform about the current situation of the Catalan Countries and seek peace partnerships with other peoples of the world to make this world more just and peaceful for its inhabitants and their peoples.
We also propose to help the Catalans to integrate into Mexico life and to promote fair trade relations between peoples.

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