The social part is one of the fundamental pillars of the CROAT project. We strongly believe in the people’s power and we want to facilitate helping the ones who most need it.

The CROAT development team has made and will continue to make donations to entities, organizations and private individuals. Not all these donations are public. You can find the ones which accepted a public donation in the SOCIAL section of the website, where we will keep adding more.

We recommend you to study their projects and propositions and to contribute with a few Croats to those that you like.

We also encourage you to send us your proposals for donations and let the Croat community help you make your dreams come true.

For this, you only need to send us an email at [email protected] with the subject SOCIAL, a logo or image you’d like to accompany your proposal and the following information:

–Name of the entity / organization / group / private person
–Short description / reasons to request the donations
–Contact details including a link to some more information on your project
–CROAT wallet address in which you’d like to receive donations
–Any other information or material you consider useful or relevant.

The publication of any project does not mean its implicit support on behalf of the Croat’s developers. We are just facilitators and we let the community decide how and who should be helped.


Thank you everyone! United together we are stronger!