The mining difficulty is increasing progressively, in part because of a mining pool created by one of our users, but also because we’re getting more and more miners! This has frustrated some of our initial users, who got used to mining larger quantities. It is important to know that this is the normal process of any cryptocoin. In the beginning, the mining is extremely easy because there are very few users, and one user can mine lots of blocks. The quantity / frequency of mined blocks decreases proportionally to the number of miners in the network and their computing power. It might seem like a bad thing for each individual user, but it’s actually very good! It means that Croat has success, that it’s getting noticed, and more and more people are jumping on board! This gives value to the coin, helps it get listed in exchanges and, obviously, helps it gain a true monetary value quicker. It’s the relationship between offer and demand. So, if you’re one of the initial miners or even a new one and you’re disappointed to see that you only mine a block every 2-3 days, it’s perfectly normal now. Soon, hopefully, you’ll mine a block every 2-3 weeks, and that will mean that we’ll have thousands of miners! Have patience and keep working.
Another small detail: if you stop the mining process, it will start from 0 again. So, if you’ve been mining for a day and got nothing, it’s much better to continue to mine until you get a block, because otherwise all that hashing power for the past day would be wasted.

We are working on implementing pool mining in a future version of the wallet. This will mean that all the “weaker” computers will have the opportunity, when the difficulty increases, to mine 5-10 Croats/day instead of 80 Croats per week, for example. Mining in a pool implies having to pay a pool fee, usually around 2-3%.

We openly invite all our local Croat users who have the knowledge and resources to do it, to create their own pools and send us the details, so we can promote them on our website and so that other users can join, for everyone’s benefit. Like this, we’ll be able to keep local miners from having a disadvantage compared to international professional miners, because there is no way that us, as developers, can influence who mines or who uses mining pools with Croat.