We have recently noticed a significant increase in the total hashrate and subsequently mining difficulty in the Croat network. This is due to various reasons:
-We’ve had a few new private and public pools enter the network, with a significant number of miners.
-Knowledge about Croat is expanding exponentially
-We are receiving more and more messages a sign that we have more and more users.
-More and more users are offering their help
-Visits to our website have increased exponentially
-We are having contacts with the press and soon we’ll see more and more information about Croat spreading.
-We’re in contact with more and more businesses which want to accept Croat as a means of payment.
-We’ve reached more than 600 votes on Change.org for Croat to be accepted in exchanges.
-We’ve restarted contacts with exchanges and we’ll update about this soon
-Transactions with Croat are already being done in the “real world”, either by selling products / services, or by private exchanges with fiat currency or other cryptos.

All this information shows us that we’re on the right track. We believe we have significantly more solo miners, but also “professionals”, with very powerful machines. We might be surprised by Croat’s evolution very soon. Little by little, the fruit of all the work and patience will show.

Now is the time for all the users to show their belief in Croat. Now is the time to keep those computers mining (in pools if they’re not very powerful), even if the return is not what you’ve been used to. It’s no use to start complaining publicly that it’s not worth mining anymore. This will only harm the coin. It’s great that we have so much interest. It’s great that so many people are putting their machines at work for the Croat. Would you rather have 100.000 coins that aren’t worth anything, or 1000 or even 100 that are worth a lot?

The Android app was a great success, working without problems, and users are very satisfied. You’re still on time to take part in the giveaway and get some free Croats.

We’re currently working on a new version of the CROATCore Desktop App, which will bring bug fixes, more seed nodes and some features that the community requested. We’re also working on the iOS app.

Apart from that, we have started again contacts with exchanges and we’ll also ask for the help of the community regarding this matter.

So stay tuned and keep believing in Croat! Everything is going great!