You can now download the CROATCore Android app from the Google Play Store.

CROATCore Light Wallet is a secure digital wallet used to store, send, and receive Croats directly from your smartphone.

Complementary to the CROATCore Desktop app for Windows, MacOS and Linux, which also allows CPU and GPU mining, CROATCore Light Wallet is a simple and secure way to manage your Croat funds on the go.

A must have for physical stores and other types of merchants which accept Croat as a means of payment, CROATCore Light Wallet allows for easy, quick, secure and convenient transactions.

-PIN protected access to the app, preventing unauthorized access to your mobile wallet.
-Easy and intuitive wallet creation.
-Wallet recovery using private key.
-Contacts (store, label and manage your contacts wallet addresses and their details).
-Create and save QR code requests (useful for businesses and merchants).
-Pay to QR code.
-Multiple languages supported (Catalan, Spanish, English).

We are very grateful to all our kind betatesters! Without your help and patience it would have been impossible to publish this app. Each of you will receive your final reward in the following days.

We are also very grateful to the Virtual Eagle team, who have helped us a lot with the publication of the app and we want to give them, also in this way, the recognition they deserve! Working with you was a pleasure!

We hope you’ll enjoy the app and that it will be very useful in managing your Croats!