When life closes a door, you have to try to open a window…

As the Croat project matures, it is normal to need to overcome more and more obstacles and today we want to tell you about one of these obstacles and the way we’ve found to go around it.

We know that lots of you were waiting for the launch of the CROATCore iOS app. The app was finished a long time ago, but we still needed the approval from Apple to be able to publish it, as we’ve already explained you a while ago. Finally, we didn’t get that approval. It is extremely complicated nowadays to get into the Apple Store as a new cryptocoin. It wasn’t a problem of the app itself, but probably because of the fact that Croat is still a very new project. It seems as though Croat needs a longer track record to be considered by Apple. For now there’s no possibility to solve this issue. We still have the option of a final appeal, which we chose to keep for later, when Croat will have already become a very well-known and used coin, very stable and with a much stronger community behind.

We have been working hard all this time to offer an alternative to our iOS users. And, for now, we have 2 options:

The first one will be to offer the whole app to our users to be individually installed on “freed” iPhones and iPads, a concept also known as “jailbreak” or “sideloading”, which allows users to install apps from outside the official App Store, through Cydia. This will be an option reserved to very few, we are aware, because not everyone knows how to do it and not everyone wants to. It’s more to prove to our users that the work was done, that the app exists and works perfectly, so they don’t feel disappointed or deceived.

The second option, just as the title of this article announces, is to offer you a web wallet, CROATCore Light Wallet, which will have the same functions as the apps, to be used straight from the mobile phone’s browser, be it iPhone, Android, Windows etc. You’ll find the same structure as the apps have. You’ll be able to use the same wallets which you’re already using with the mobile apps, with the same features, but everything will be inside your browser, without having an installed app.

CROATCore Light Wallet will also be usable from a desktop PC. With this option, all those users who just wanted to have a wallet to pay, receive and transfer Croats without mining, finally have their tool. With the reserve that a light wallet has certain limitations compared to a full-blown desktop wallet, which we’ll remind you when it’s time to discuss in detail all the features of the web wallet, every user will be able to create a wallet and operate with it in less than a minute. The light wallet doesn’t need to be synchronized with the blockchain, so this will save you from the initial step that already lasts a few hours.

The wallet is already working and there only are a few minor details to finish, which will not take more than a week.

Here are some screenshots of the web wallet, with mobile device and desktop view. We hope you’ll like them.

Thank you everyone for your support and for your patience!