Croat is one year old today. What a year! Looking back in these emotional moments at all the efforts, all the hard work, everything that has happened, we can only feel pride and gratitude for all the achievements and the obstacles we’ve surpassed, as well as big hopes for everything else that is on the way for Croat. But the most important reason we are grateful for is the CROAT Community. Today, more than every other day, everything about Croat is about you, our users.

We’ll be back a bit later today and during the next few days with some surprises, but the first year anniversary message comes straight from the CROAT Community. How it should be. You are the reason Croat exists. Every single one of you. THANK YOU!!!

The Catalan Altcoin is 1 year old!

The CROAT Community celebrates Croat’s first year of existence. The coin, a modern version of the old Croat, which was hegemonic for around 500 years in Catalonia between the XIIIth and the XVIIIth centuries, has progressively become more and more accepted by businesses, users and general investors.

Although the use of cryptocurrencies knows no borders, CROAT’s design as an altcoin had the purpose of it being massively adopted by the Catalan people, keeping in mind the already mentioned historical reasons, as well as its adoption of the CryptoNote protocol.

Its development, completely independent from any financial or political entities, was initiated by an independent group of technical people who, even today, still wish to keep their anonymity, following Satoshi Nakamoto’s example.

Croat’s major target, the Catalan People, brings to this virtual coin valued of distributed richness and democratic culture, very common in the cryptocurrencies world, which creates a strong alliance between the tool and its final owner, between CROAT and the Catalan People.

After a first stage of intensive mining from any personal computer, CROAT was accepted for trading in a few exchanges at the beginning of this past spring and recently has been included in the prestigious listing since August 7th.

The CROAT Community wishes to celebrate it’s first anniversary through several actions, with an emphasis on an ingenious giveaway system through filling out an anonymous questionnaire by the users, which you can find at, based on finding basic information about Croat on the official web

One year is very little time for any cryptocoin. Nevertheless, the community has manifested during these months in various forms, from the creation of new mining pools to the celebration of the first anniversary, passing through the creation of several websites to trade goods and services for Croat, multiple easy and practical help tutorials, organization of conferences, presence in the streets promoting Croat, different groups and pages on social networks, the incorporation of more and more businesses and professionals accepting Croat as a means of payment, etc.

In the end, the CROAT Community has been taking charge of more and more aspects which the developers, for obvious reasons, couldn’t grasp. Clearly, we are talking about a very much alive community, sending a strength and vitality signal to the world, even while keeping in mind that we’re only talking about twelve short months.

Long Live Croat!
First Anniversary Group – The CROAT Community