As one of our anniversary surprises, we’re more than happy to introduce the Official CROAT SHOP, available at We created this tool with the aim to complement, not compete against the already existing Croat Marketplace and Mercat del Croat, which are user created and community maintained.

The Official CROATSHOP works like an ad-based website, where anyone, be it business owner, professional or private user, can post products (new or second-hand) or services they wish to sell in exchange for Croats. On the other hand, potential buyers, happy Croat owners who need an incentive to let go of some valued Croats, will find an easy and fun way to check out what’s on offer every day, by browsing the ads.

The best thing about CROATSHOP is that it is embedded in the CROAT payment system, so one can easily make purchases and payments through a direct connection with the CROATCore Mobile Light Web Wallet accessible at


As a launching promotion, the first user-posted ad will receive a 500 CROAT prize and the next 25 ads will receive 100 CROAT each, straight into the wallet they’ve selected in the ad (promotion limited to one prize per user / wallet).


So hurry up and be one of the first to get rid of unwanted items you’ve been hoarding at home, or to promote your business by selling your products and services in exchange for Croats! And for the rest of the users, take this opportunity to put your Croats to good use and help this coin grow!

A big THANK YOU to our magnificent CROAT Community!

Happy Croat Shopping! And Happy Birthday Croat!