For years, the jewelry industry has been living out of buying cheap and selling at a high price. The surprise comes when we travel and we realize that there is an industry beyond all that, and we have the opportunity to sell good quality products at a lower price.

Alland Ray is born with the goal of offering quality men’s accessories at a decent and fair price. We are accustomed to paying for a clothing brand based on its caché and with the internet we have the key platform to avoid intermediaries (shops and shopping centers).

Alland Ray is born thanks to Alex, Raimon and Georg who combine their ability in various fields to be able to bring to your home fashion accessories, with a fair price and with the guarantee that if it does not work, you get your money back.

Accepts payments in Croat:
Yes, even before having an official monetary value. 1 Croat = € 0.50

Products or services which can be bought with Croat:
All products.

What does the client need to do in order to purchase products / services in Croat from this business?
Go to our web and send us an email at [email protected], letting us know what products they wish to purchase and we’ll send a link to make a payment in Croats.

Contact Details:
E-mail: [email protected]