Business and personal consulting company that will help you to fulfill all your fiscal, accounting and labor obligations with a direct and personalized service. We also offer legal, juridical, commercial, risk prevention and insurance brokerage services. These include audits, analysis of the viability of your business and new companies creations, among others.

Accepts payments in Croat:
Yes, even before having an official monetary value.

Products or services which can be bought with Croat:
Our company can offer accounting, fiscal and labor management of your business, which includes the presentation of the annual accounts and all the official books, as well as the presentation of all the models of the tax administration. We can also offer the analysis of your company through the analysis of financial statements. We offer online management. The invoice will be in Euros with all taxes paid, a percentage will be charged in Croats.

What does the client need to do in order to purchase products / services in Croat from this business?
In the office you will be able to pay with Croats, and if you prefer an online service, please send an email to [email protected] so we can provide a quote out of which you can pay 10% in Croats.

Contact Details:
Address: C/ Fra Andreu Capella nº7, La Seu d’Urgell.
Phone: +34 973 353 555
Email: [email protected]