This is an update to a previous help post about transactions in exchanges for beginners. For the information to be easier to retrieve, in this post you’ll find some repeated information.

For the beginners, the whole process may seem very difficult, but it really isn’t.

The best option is to use one of the 3 Exchanges which are already available. Soon there will be more. It is not advisable to buy Croats by private transactions, since this process is less secure and it also doesn’t help the coin.

Let’s see an example: you have 100€ and want to buy Croats.

First of all, you should buy 100€ worth of BITCOINS, to send later to one of the exchanges to be able to buy CROATS.

There are many guides online on how to securely and easily buy BITCOINS with fiat money through one of the big and well known exchanges, such as COINBASE. Here is one.

Here are the links to the 3 guides we’ve prepared on how to buy CROATS from OpenLedger, OctaEx and



Once you have your BITCOINS, you should send them to your BITCOIN wallet at OpenLedger, OctaEx or

Important: always save the transation hash of all your transactions. The hash is the equivalent of the purchase receipt.

CROATCore Android app does NOT list the transactions hash in the Recent Payments yet (it does list it only one time right after making a payment, so be careful to copy and save it).

We will update the app to do so. Until then, if you need this feature, please use the Web Wallet at, which does list the hash.

Thank you!