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Happy Sant Jordi!

Find out what Diada de Sant Jordi means in Catalonia here Croat joins the celebration of the Diada with a stronger than ever giveaway! With the occasion of the Diada, there will be two stalls with Croat community volunteers, one in Barcelona, on La Rambla, between the...

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Featured business accepting CROAT: TOT FUNCIONA

Description: TOT FUNCIONA is a company dedicated to renovations of homes and commercial spaces. We also manage small day-to day repairs. We offer service of painting, plasterboard, carpentry, plumber, electrician, household cleaning. We clean and maintain gas heaters...

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CROAT now trading on OpenLedger!

OpenLedger is a decentralized exchange which offers two options to trade CROAT: CROAT/BTC (trade against Bitcoin): CROAT/ETH (trade against Ethereum): Soon we will also...

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Featured business accepting CROAT: BIOQUEVIURES LLAVANERES

Description: This shop offers food, supplements, cosmetics, personal and household hygiene products. A healthy and sustainable alternative to the conventional. As before, but now. Products or services which can be bought with Croat: All showcased products and healthy...

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