Consulting, Inspections and Special Studies L&H, C.A.
We are a group of professionals willing to collaborate in your multidisciplinary engineering projects, for civil use (areas of education, housing, health, urbanism and others) and industrial (areas of oil, cement, food, production and others).
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Products or services which can be bought with Croat:
We offer:
– Modeling of Projects in BIM.
– Structures Designs.
– Consulting Services.
– Evaluation of Damage and Pathology of Structures.
– Works Management Advisory.
– Designs of Mechanical Parts.
– Process Design and Equipment Selection.
– Quality Management.
– Others.
We guarantee the cheapest price you can find in the world, with a high quality standard.
Conditions may apply.
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Contact Details:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +584269804382 / +584162848255
This business operates from: Barcelona, Venezuela