Many thanks to all who have already replied after posting this ad on our social networks. To better and quicker answer your questions, we have put together all the answers in one single post.

What does it mean to be a Croat Ambassador?

Being a Croat Ambassador can mean many things, but the most important is to be a person or entity / company / organization that has the willingness and resources to promote Croat in any possible way. We will give some examples, in no specific order:

  • A journalist or other influencer who can increase Croat’s visibility through articles, reviews, videos, etc.
  • A person / institution / organization who, through their contacts, can facilitate Croat’s acceptance by businesses of all kinds, local organizations, as well as large numbers of people.
  • Someone who is “famous” enough or has enough followers so that, by posting news about Croat and their personal support towards Croat on their social networks, blogs, other news channels or directly, they can help Croat’s message to reach many people.
  • Someone who is willing to keep a Croat node on their computer. The more nodes we have and the more spread they are, the more stable, secure and strong the system will be. The requirements for a node would be:
    • The best, safest, cheapest and easiest option would be with a cloud server, with providers such as, Vultr or Digital Ocean. A basic option, with 2GB of RAM and 2GH of CPU would be enough.
    • If you prefer to use your own computer, you should keep it always on, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Consider a UPS for the computer and the router. It doesn’t have to be a very powerful computer nor does it have to have a screen lit after it is started, to save electricity.
    • An Internet connection of minimum 20 MB/s.
    • Send us a message with the IP of the node, to include it in the configfile.
    • And that’s it … it seems a lot, but it’s not that complicated. We can offer assistance with any of these steps.
  • Someone who can help Croat to get listed faster in an exchange, through contacts, campaigns or other means.
  • A person who, by profession or work, has the possibility of giving lectures locally, to explain to people what digital currencies are all about, and specifically the Croat. There are many people who do not yet fully understand the concepts of altcoin or mining, and reaching them through a Croat Ambassador would be of great help.
  • A business owner who is willing to sell merchandise or services en exchange for Croats even before Croat has monetary value. We already have a few merchants willing to sell shirts, bread, stationery, or minutes of consultancy, for example, but the more they are, the better. It would also be helpful if these merchants accept to be promoted on our website as early Croat adopters.
  • People who may not have any of these resources, but have contacts who have them. If they broker a successful collaboration, they will also receive their reward.
  • Less known people with less “followers” but with eagerness, ideas and faith in Croat – there is room for everyone! Think about what you can contribute and what reward you would like to receive, and we can discuss it. Contact us at [email protected]


Croat is not a service and we, the developers, are not providers.

Croat is the expression of a community that stands behind it.

Without you, Croat would be nothing!


Thanks a lot everyone!