We’re proud to announce the first businesses which accept Croat as a means of payment, even before Croat has an official monetary value! This is only a small sample of the faith our community has in Croat. And it is only the beginning. We’re perceiving very good response from a lot of people who want to start using Croat now! And we hope to be able to announce very soon more and more businesses and merchants which join the Croat network.

You can find the first participating businesses in the specially dedicated merchants page, and also on our home page.

We publicly announce that starting from now and until Croat gets listed in an exchange, all businesses which accept Croat as a means of payment will receive an immediate reward in Croats, all the necessary technical support and the promise of a mention in our webpage FOREVER, as Croat’s first adopters.

In order to apply, you can send us a message through our contact form or drop us an email at [email protected].

Besides the official merchants, we have received information that on the non-official Croat Telegram group you can buy T-shirts with Croats.

So, we’d like to encourage everyone to start spending your Croats in the participating businesses. And we’d also like to encourage businesses to be among the first which adopt Croat and to benefit from all the advantages of those who open new paths.

Pay attention to our news channels. There will be very interesting news very soon!

A big THANK YOU to everyone!